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 Dr. Pareek’s Workshop with Live Patient Handling, Agra INDIA
Homeopathy today is undergoing a great change; in its evolutionary history, the present time is perhaps one of the most challenging for the practitioner. The various different methods & prescribing techniques that have been developed by the modern teachers make it a challenge for the practitioner to master one and practice it successfully. In this scenario, Dr. Pareek’s Workshop on Clinical Homoeopathy with Live Patient Handling has hit the nail on the head. Live cases, patient interaction, indepth analysis of each case, discussions and a large pool of difficult cases with live handling help imbibe great confidence in the practitioner and shows that Hahnemannian prescribing is still unparalleled.
The Clinical Training Programme by Dr R.S.Pareek and Dr.Alok Pareek was held form 23rd January to 13th February at the state-of-the art auditorium at Dr.Pareek’s Homoeopathic Centre, Agra, INDIA. The last four days of the 21day course – 10th to 13th February were devoted to the International Seminar.
The main theme of the workshop was Live Patient Handling and interaction in the clinics. Dr.Pareek’s Homeopathic Centre has a daily Out Patient of 200 patients which includes advanced and complicated cases. The cases vary from small acute complaints to Advanced inoperable cancers. Thus, it was a good opportunity for the participants to see Classical Homoeopathy at its very best. An introduction of the cases was presented by the speakers (Dr. Alok and Dr. R S Pareek) and in case of follow-up cases, the detailed case-history was also presented. This was followed by Live Patient Handling by Drs.Pareek, then the participants were invited for patient interaction and they could take any further information required from the patient. Finally, Drs.Pareek described their approach, the remedies and discussed the remedies given thus far and the ones then prescribed with indepth analysis and reasons. Then, the participants were invited for any of their queries regarding the prescription. This way, about 5-7 cases were presented and discussed each day.
During the seminar an impressive differential diagnosis was held by Dr. Alok Pareek on the use of various remedies in the cure of chronic diseases. The use of specific remedies for the exact organs in chronic kidney and urinary tract diseases, liver and gall bladder diseases, gastric diseases of various kinds, female problems, male problems caused by age or as secondary to difficult hereditary problems, pediatrics, developmental defects, skin diseases and various cancer types in their different phases have been demonstrated, visualized and explained by live cases in a way that shows the remedy in all its capacities and layers.
A special emphasis was given to the use of nosodes and the precision of prescription of miasmatic remedies and their use, in order to remove and heal the genetic obstacle to healthy life. The right timing for constitutional remedies and when and how to use the organ remedies. As Dr. Pareek senior says: “Homeopathy applied in infancy and youth, is like prevention of a crime in society”.
To name a few, the clinical indications of Eel Serum in advanced cases of Renal Failure was presented in different live cases. The use of the remedy X-Ray in live cases of Leukemia and other malignant Haematological disorders was dealt in detail. A follow-up case of congenital Ventricular Septal Defect with clinical indications of Laurocerasus was shown.
The seminar created open dialogs between the participants and the doctors Pareek who invited and encouraged us to share knowledge and thoughts and get involved in working together. These are the conditions for growth and development.
The other topics covered in the deliberations of Dr. Alok Pareek were: Practical study and utility of Hahnemann’s miasmatic theory in the clinics. LIVING study of Miasms and its practical utility in prescribing
Hom. Posology – as applied in the clinics. The study of Applied Materia Medica (Living Materia Medica)

  • A. Constitutional Remedies

  • B. Acute and Clinical Remedies, Organ Remedies

  • C. Nosodes
Homoeopathic Therapeutics:

  • D.Prescribing in Advanced Pathologies

  • E.Keynote prescribing in Mass practice.

  • F.Rural and Preventive Homoeopathic Healthcare
There were 3 sessions each day – a total of 6 hours. In the evening the participants were free to utilize the other facilities of the centre especially the Library with a rich collection of Homeopathic Literature including some rare ones from the collection of Dr.R.S.Pareek gathered through his 60years in Homeopathy.
The huge knowledge these two doctors have accumulated, their willingness to share it with their fellow mates and students, the clarity of conveying it , have filled us all with interest and enthusiasm making us feel lucky and eager to keep in professional and personal contact even in the future.
Not only have we got a very good “tool box” of the application of Homeopathic medicine for specific disease conditions but also a living demonstration of how to treat weak people in different phases of diseased conditions during a chronic disease. All participants unanimously felt, at the end of these three weeks that we have been enriched. Our satisfaction and well being on all levels: professional, social, personal and mental had exceeded to a level that was far more than we could ever have expected.
The next teaching programmes will be held from 10th to 16th October 2011 and 6th to 12th February 2012. Reported by:Ester Yogev(Israel), Paolo Campanela(Italy) and Herbert Pfeiffer(Germany)